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Laser Dentistry

In recent years, modern dentistry has been revolutionized by the development and use of computers, digital x-rays and lasers.  We proudly use all these technological wonders at our dental clinic; and though the public is cognizant of computers and digital x-rays, many remain unfamiliar with dental lasers and their applications.

The two most common uses of dental lasers are for early caries detection and for the reshaping of the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth.

In the past, dentists have traditionally depended on x-rays, visual and tactile (“stickiness of the pick” in the tooth) exams to diagnose tooth decay; and by those standards, the tooth had already undergone a lot of damage.  By contrast, the use of a laser caries detection system (Diagnodent) allows Dr. Nasralla to accurately measure and quantify the depth of early caries before the damage is done.  Prevention and early detection of any decay is always more cost-effective and conservative in its treatment than the alternative.

Unlike the diagnostic laser mentioned above, the soft tissue lasers are used to remove or reshape gums for different reasons:

  • Improve the look of “gummy” smiles
  • Remove excess gum tissue caused by certain medications or poor oral hygiene
  • Treat local areas of gum disease so that surgery may be avoided
  • Treatment of cold sores and cankers
  • Biopsy
  • Cauterizing and control bleeding
  • Performing frenectomies (e.g. tongue-tie correction)

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